The Second Furry War is a war that started after peace was made with Poland, both logo editors and chaolandites were happy. However, the furries weren't, so they started to harass and attack Chaogamer, which resulted into a second furry war. The furries made a move by drawing intentionally terrible art of Chao and successfully hacking his twitter account. Afterwards, Chao got his twitter account back and updates are soon to come. They soon started a counter attack by reporting the leader. The report is currently pending.

Chaoland launched an attack on the Leader's channel where the highest ratio was either 6 likes and 8 dislikes or 6 likes and 9 dislikes, they also gotten a supporter of the Leader to switch sides, then later TMAFE decided to join the war. Soon, the Battle of Penguin happened, and then came a hero of the Chaolandites named Wrog. At first, people inside Chaoland were afraid he was going to be like Invers. However, Wrog actually listen under Chao's demands and helped the Chaoland military win a huge victory over the furries and improving the Chaoland military strength. Soon, he was declared a hero of the Chaolandites in Chaoland and was promoted to general.

The furries got very angered, so they did a counter attack by dislike bombing Chaogamer's channel, however, it failed because soon the Chaoland military found out about the dislike bombing and soon defended the video.



  • This is the first war that the Chaoland war flag was ever used.
  • Chaoland ask the anti furry alliance, (mostly only just U.S.F.) to join the war, and was accepted.
  • the last time Chaoland fought against the Furries was The Furry War.
  • U.S.F. only provided small support in the war such as using spam tactics.
  • this is the first war that the Chaoland military had ever reached to a point where they were as powerful as TMAFE, the highest dislike ratio they could get was 48 dislikes in the war, which is equivalent to TMAFE's power in late 2018.
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