The Microsoft Agent Community was a community founded on November 18th, 2015 by Spidermanboy13 after uploading his first MS Agent video. He continued to upload these MS Agent videos which kick started some MS Agent video formats such as the MS Agent Intro video trend. After he disappeared, Norbika9Entertainment showed up around May 2016 and took leadership of the community. Afterwards, Vyonders from his previous channel came over to the community, and it became known as the Vyonder influenced MS Agent Community.

It continued to grow until April 2017, where growth temporarily came to a halt until N9E made another channel. Shortly afterwards, growth continued. However, the community was extremely unstable due to the fact basic opinions could get a user thrown out. For example, disliking something Norbert liked such as a TV show risked in the user getting thrown out. Seamus eventually had the last straw of what Norbert was doing after Norbert was too harsh on his members and refused to accept apologies. Operation Butler was formed afterwards. However, it had the same issue with strictness as this community until TMAFE broke away from Operation Butler.

Once TMAFE split from Operation Butler, it fought off the stateless Vyonders who were enraged that Vyond was no longer tolerated in either Operation Butler or TMAFE. TMAFE fought these Vyonders and destroyed any remaining ones that refused to pick either side on May 29th, 2018. What was left of the community and Operation Butler were both absorbed into TMAFE in June 2018 after they had collapsed.


  • Most of the people from this community moved to Operation Butler during its collapse. However, people went from Operation Butler to TMAFE afterwards.
  • Terence (now known as Vorbis) and Seamus (now known as ICS) are the only leaders besides Norbika9Entertainment that this community had.
  • There was a rebellion that went by the same name as The Microsoft Agent Community.
  • Spidermanboy13 also had a connection with Vyonders and GoAnimators as he had uploaded a GoAnimate related video around the same time as his MS Agent ones.
  • The first three colors of the flag resemble the Flag of Hungary because Norbika9Entertainment is Hungarian.
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