The Furry War was a war that was fought on November 2nd, 2020 and ended on the same day. The beginnings of the war started after a furry ran for prime minister inside of The Kingdom Of Chaoland. Shortly after running, he kept interrupting other candidates and was quite rude to anyone that said anything in chat and tried to use autism as an excuse for his immature behavior. After getting angry, he had decided to raid a Discord server, declare war on Chaoland, and invited a bunch of a furries into Chaoland. The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire, who had noticed the sudden increase of furries, had decided to send in a peace keeping force and declared Chaoland as a temporary protectorate of TMAFE. Once Chao had realized the threat, Chaoland and TMAFE temporarily became allies for a short time. Chao then revealed to TMAFE that he was forced by some other furry to let furries in. When TMAFE found out, they worked with Chaoland in strengthening its force, and went to war with some of the furries involved in the conflict. The first line of attack was exiling and removing any furries from Chaoland territories, which was a major success with all furries being exterminated. TMAFE then did a dislike bombing attack on one of the major furries involved in the war, who had 1.23K subscribers on YouTube. Once the furry realized he had a lot of dislikes, he had retreated from one of his bases, allowing TMAFE to exile 10 furries and capture 8 more. Shortly afterwards, the video had reached to 100 dislikes in the span of less than 30 minutes. As a result, the last furry in the conflict had decided to surrender.


  • This is the first time TMAFE and Chaoland had ever officially cooperated ever since the The Chaoland War.
  • The territory gained from the war is TMAFE Fur Territory.
  • Chaoland later issued a furry ban and stepped up against the furry that had forced him to open Chaoland up to furries.
  • Chaoland did launch 3 attacks on the other videos from the 1.23k subscribers channel.
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