TheGiggityPringles is one of the known protagonists of his own channel with the same exact name and part of the current MSAgent arc. His own look shows a blue-ish star that looked like to come from space with pointed spikes, a bright upside-down triangle in the middle, and glows.


Pringles was formed or perhaps born according to scientific logic that atoms of light went to fusion. Like many other stars, Pringles had spent most of his time in outer space and is traveling around as if it were his own homeland. He made some friends but did not have much to do. He did have his own huge arch-rival named Evil Pringles (evil clone star). A few years later followed, an incident happened which caused many stars to die and Pringles was one of the few to escape. The incident was classified and nothing was much to say about it which nobody really knew. Eventually for a while, he enters into a portal wthat ook him to the MSAgent Universe, which he remains there currently. Later, he joins the Microsoft Agent Frontier and also remains there.

Other Information

TheGiggityPringles is a Microsoft Agent Youtuber located in New Jersey, USA. His birthday is March 3rd. He is also Vietnamese.

On 16 November 2018, He thought Thanos and survived a feat achieved by one other person which is Cipher.


  • TheGiggityPringles V3 (Version 3) had a concept look. It was made by David The Robloxer Youtuber. But, however a better version of the look was updated and therefore that was used instead.
  • A Microsoft Agent Football (Soccer) sports match series was created. it received tons of attention.
  • His username and his two nicknames Pringles and Pringles chips are a reference to the chips snacks called Pringles.
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