TMAFE.com is a website that gives information about The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. The domain was purchased and registered by Konnor88 in August 2019. The main HTML files (what displays the site) were originally hosted on 000webhost, until Konnor payed for a server for them. However, Konnor later decided to pay for hosting via DreamHost. However, on April 24th, 2020, TMAFE.COM moved to another hosting provider from DreamHost to InfinityFree hosting. It also has an ACS uploading feature with a GUI similar to the "ponx.org" character list. Users can freely upload their characters there.


Primary Pages

Home (Index)

The home/index page is the default page on the site. It provides information on TMAFE, Microsoft Agent, and News about the site. It also has the facts section on the side, which lists a link to the Privacy Policy, an introduction to TMAFE Software, TMAFE's Discord and YouTube, the File Uploader, and has the Theme button where the user can turn the light theme on/off. It also has a navigation section below the facts section.


The software page is the page that lists Frontier/TMAFE software. You can find the download links for Anti-Grabify, Anti-TSM, Frontier Web Browser, and tons of other Frontier software.

Char Packs

The character packs page is a page that lists characters packs the user can download. Currently, it lists the MS Agent Classic Pack, the MS Agent Beginner Pack V2, and the Konnor's MS Agent Mega Super Pack. More packs are planned to be added soon.

File Upload

The upload page contains the ACS/ACF uploader, and is one of the most popular features of the site. From there, you can easily upload an MS Agent character with no popup, no account requirements, and no character upload limit (except the 10 MB limit, but you can upload as many characters as you want).

Secondary Pages

Privacy + Cookie Policy

The privacy + cookie policy page is a page that lists the privacy and cookie policy of the site, and can be accessed from the home page or the cookie banner upon visiting the site.


The upload.php page is the actual uploader script that the File Upload page uses to upload characters to ms-agent-hosting-2. When visited manually, it will be a blank page.



The ms-agent-hosting directory contains all characters uploaded using the upload page before April 25th, 2020. This directory is still on the site because removing it would break all the old character links.


The ms-agent-hosting-2 directory contains all characters uploaded using the upload page after April 25th, 2020. This is currently the primary directory where MS Agent characters go.



  • The first design uses the SpySheriff website user interface, and was later replaced with a modernized interface.
  • It uses DDOS protection from Google.
  • It uses NameCheap hosting, and formerly used InfinityFree, DreamHost, 000webhost, and FreeWebHostingArea.
  • TMAFE.COM's MS-Agent-Hosting-2 directory had an easter egg on January 1st, 2021 that would revert the January 1st, 2021 date to December 32nd, 2020. This was removed a day afterwards.
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