The TMAFE census is a census done by TMAFE near May 2019 of every year. Konnor88 automatically finds out and sorts out the results for the census, so that no user involvement is necessary in order to get almost everyone to count. This a list of censuses done in Main Territory of TMAFE.


The 2020 TMAFE census is: 77.4% MS Agent Tubers, 12.3% Mappers, 6.8% Logo Editors, 3.4% Malware Testers / OS Testers (Techies)

TMAFE Member Census 2020.png


The 2019 TMAFE census is: 81.3% MS Agent Tubers, 14.0% Mappers, 3.0% Logo Editors, 1.3% Malware Researchers / Testers, 0.4% Losango / Triangulo

TMAFE Member Census 2019.PNG


The 2018 never officially happened since it was founded that year. However, estimates of the census in May 2018 are: 80% MS Agent Tubers, 20% Mappers


  • All the census charts are made in MetaChart.
  • All of the data from the census is gathered from Konnor.
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