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Apopasus (also known as TMAFE Ant Partition of the Scratch Province)was a territory taken over by The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire after Antcruz's account was taken down during the second rebellion. Konnor88 then convinced the admins of the server to leave, which made him the only admin there. He then invited Frontierians to join. It was then placed under military occupation for a short time afterwards before becoming a TMAFE Territory. On March 31st, 2020, Ant Territory was renamed to TMAFE Ant Partition of the Scratch Province (TMAFE APOTSP) and put as a subdivision of the Scratch Province. TMAFE Cosmic Territory also had a similar name change and merged with Ant Territory plus the TMAFE Scratch group as well. In December 2020, the flag was modernized to include the coat of arms and the shield of TMAFE. Its name was also shortened and made easier to pronounce. The name chosen was Apopasus, a modified version of the APOTSP name.


The Frontier flag in the corner represents The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. The Ant represents the people who were originally there, Antcruz fans. The blue represents the original server icon color.

First Flag

Second Flag


  • It was originally the Antcruz Server V1.
  • The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire took it over on September 28th, 2019.
  • This is the server where the Frontier made peace with Alex Parr.