The Sultanate of Microsoft Agent was a Turkish Microsoft Agent group created by Savaşçı92, a anti-mapper bat to annoy and attack The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. It surrendered on April 10th, 2020.


Savaşçı92 managed to take over 4 full territories of TMAFE, and made many advancements into main territory, before finally being stopped by Konnor. Shortly after, he decided to rage at Persian Mapper Reborn, and doxxed him due to Persian not surrendering. After that, Persian Mapper Reborn quit the internet, and gave TMAFE The Reborn Persian Empire to protect it. Shortly after, Konnor tried confronting him. Once Konnor exposed him as a bat, he immediately surrendered, and the Sultanate of Microsoft Agent was defeated.

On March 26th, the day after the first attack, they attacked TMAFE again, this time capturing 4 territories and a province of TMAFE. Shortly after, they were defeated again.

On March 28th, the Sultanate attacked again. They were able to take over: MS Agent VM Province, MS Agent SPR Province, MS Agent DM Province, 1/2 MS Agent Scratch Province, Bonzi SPR Province, TMAFE Backup Territory, ACL Territory, Nestagua Territory, The Agents Territory. Shortly after, TMAFE military forces rushed in and took all the territory back, and the sultanate retreated.

On April 1st, the Sultanate attacked again, and conquered more territory, and attempted to sack the Scratch province, and was almost successful with hundreds of pings. However, it was banned later that day.

On April 3rd, the Sultanate went after TMAFE allies such as Chaoland and Prussia, but was unsuccessful.

On April 11th, the Sultanate had decided to surrender, and stated the war is impossible to win for them, and shortly collapsed and fled back to anti-mapping.


  • Savaşçı92 was a former bat, a type of anti-mapper.
  • It is confirmed that the official language is Turkish of sultanate, after someone saw their base and realized everything was in Turkish.
  • It caused the collapse of The Reborn Persian Empire.
  • It managed to conquer lots of parts of TMAFE, but however, it had problems managing civil unrest in the conquered territories and TMAFE forces taking them back.
  • United World joined the sultanate on March 28, but he quitted the Sultanate a few days later, and said he never actually joined them.
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