Nestagua is a territory of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. It was originally the Operation Finisher base, then it became Nestagua shortly after the operation military base shutdown. Shortly after, Nestagua became the server for the Anti-TSM program. In October of 2019, it became Nestagua again.


The flag of Nestagua represents a few things. The Frontier flag and Frontier coat of arms represent The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. The greenish-blue background represents the original server icon. The sword in the shield represents it originally being an operating military base. The face represents the original icon of the Anti-TSM program discord server.

The first Nestagua flag, used until October 8th, 2019.

The second and current flag of Nestagua.


  • The first flag and name of the territory were generated from a name and flag generator by Cipher.
  • The second flag was made by Konnor88.
  • The server was originally the military base of Operation Finisher, which is what the swords in the flag represent.
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