The Republic of the Mapper League is an e-nation formed by Soundcard and currently led by him and Neethy. It once was a vassal of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire.

Timeline of events

The Rise

July 22nd 2018 - The ML is formed by Soundcard as a rebellion against an existing group named USW (United Sketch World), named NUSP - Non-USW Sketch Pact.

Late July 2018 - NUSP is renamed to GMP, now meaning Global Mapper Pact.

The Peak

August 2018 - GMP is renamed to the League of Independent Mappers, also known as the Mapper League thanks to a staff member named Kingdom of Finland. It also gets affiliated with another group - TME (The Mapper Entente), led by Anglo Mapper (also known as NastyBiscuit).

August-September 2018 - The ML is in its peak, with over 50 members and an active Discord server.

September 9th 2018 (most likely) - Soundcard's first Discord account gets disabled for raiding the old USW server, all members of the ML's server evacuated to new one.

The Downfall

Late September 2018 - The ML's peak is over - Kingdom of Finland makes a rebellion named the PML (Provinsional Mapper League). Most members of the ML switch sides and join the rebellion. The ML attempts to fight back, but unsuccessfully.

October 2018 - The PML is still at its peak, but it has about 70 members. The ML meanwhile is almost at the state of collapsing. The ML on Sketch doesn't exist anymore, as it only survives on Discord.

The Survival

16th December 2018 - Soundcard turns 14, but Nilai - one of the members - nukes the Discord server of the ML, causing the creation of a new one. The old Discord server turns into the so-called "Rus' bunker", which is later to be colonized by the Dutch people of the ML.

January 2019 - The Mapper League is functioning but still barely, most of the time it's also known as the Asupportive Service and it is private for most of the year.

February 2019 - Kingdom of Finland quits Sketch, which causes the fall of the PML which was inactive anyways. The Discord server of the PML is presumed to exist to this day, but no one talks in it anymore.

Late September 2019 - Visegrad, one of the members of the ML who had to quit Discord in January 2019, comes back.

The 2nd Rise

December 30th 2019 - The ML invites 2 new people, marking the end of being private.

December 31st 2019 - Soundcard discovers that he can't access the account which owns the 3rd ML server. Due to this, a new server is made and the login and password are kept safe, while the account owning the new server does as much as Konnor's ALTROOT account, so it can't get reported. The 3rd server becomes an archive with all messages still public.

February 10th 2020 - Soundbot is first made and it joins the ML.

March 2020 - The ML's server becomes way more active due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 6th-7th 2020 - The first staff elections are held (with Bulgarian Mapper being elected as the vice-president), a new government system is implemented as a step to becoming an e-nation.

April 24th 2020 - The FSA Council is let into the ML due to diplomacy reasons. The ML also becomes an e-nation, with it now being named The Republic of the Mapper League.

April 29th 2020 - The ML has its first partner - the Isaakist G19.

May 1st 2020 - The ML partners up with the Frontier.

May 6th-10th 2020 - The 2nd staff elections are held (with Visegrád being elected as the vice-president).

May 10th 2020 - The ML partners up with the Kingdom of Portugalia.

The 2nd Downfall

June/July 2020 - Soundcard transfers ownership of the ML to Duč and has his position weakened, causing the latter to become the de facto leader for a few weeks.

July 20th 2020 - Ownership of the ML is transferred to Sebastian, who transfers it later back to Dutch, Soundcard is banned and the community becomes a vassal of TMAFE. The activity rate drops drastically due to people moving to other servers, mostly TMAFE and Resistance.

October 27th/28th 2020 - The ML participates in Community War 11 as a vassal of TMAFE against Salvo.

Late 2020/Early 2021 - The ML's 4th server is archived due to inactivity. The community is considered dead for that time.

The Return

February 5th 2021 - A 5th server is made for the ML. Some of the veterans of the community come back and the server is now owned by Soundcard and Neethy.

February 6th 2021 - The flag of the ML is changed to a new one made by Nilai. The drama between Soundcard and Duč ends, the latter joins ML 5 and he becomes a moderator in there.

March 1st 2021 - The March 2021 security incident happens involving Soundcard, Neethy and Ulain. This has caused TMAFE to ban ML members (with the notable exception of Dutch), send Neethy to court, sign the Frontier Patriot Act and it made Soundcard relevant again.


  • The ML was originally a rebellion.
  • It was once a vassal of TMAFE, however it later got archived and returned as an independent nation.
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