The Livestream Community is a community founded by Kiro Ramy in 2017, when he started making Livestream content. They primarily focus on livestreams, but they sometimes make Gacha videos and Microsoft Agent videos in TMAFE. They also make gaming content, and will usually play a Baldi's Basics mod or any other random game. They also formerly made classic Vyond style rants on their channel before being introduced to TMAFE. Overtime, the Livestream Community became frontierified, adopting a lot of Frontier culture and ideas before becoming a vassal of TMAFE on May 20th, 2020.

Contact with MS Agent

The Livestream Community first had contact with Norbika9Entertainment's The Microsoft Agent Community back in 2017, and lots of livestreamers joined into it, and continued to make Microsoft Agent content, and borrowed a lot of ideas from MS Agent culture and was introduced to the software MASH. In April 2018, they stayed neutral in the Operation Butler-TMAC war, but supported TMAFE when it was formed in May 2018. Lots of livestreamers started becoming Frontierians, and dropped the previously spread-out Vyond culture from TMAC, although small pockets of it still use it. Most livestreamers from the livestream community are aware of TMAFE.


  • It was founded in 2017.
  • It had contact with TMAC, OB, and TMAFE.
  • TMAFE made it a vassal on May 20th, 2020.
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