Isaac is a MSAgent Tuber who comes from Indonesia. He is one of the two MSAgent Tubers from Asia (the other one is United World). He joined the community in July 2017.

In July 2018, he and Haytrez (Zerty) hacked Mem and he was an enemy of the Frontier. He tried to apologize but it was declined. On 17th August (Indonesian Independence Day 2018), he returned to the community.

He and Cipher are planning to save Kimiko from XySorZ doxxing her mom's account. Cipher told Kimiko to install Discord so Isaac and him could save her by communication.


  • He is from Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • He hates being mocked by XySorZ everytime in school, even though he mocks other people himself. When he does that, he uses 3 languages - Japanese, Indonesian and German.
  • He made a story about XySorZ manipulating.


All the people that you can see on the list on the infobox.


XySorZ - He keeps mocking, insulting and laughing at Isaac whenever something happens. He also doxxed many people.

Nazrin - He keeps hating on Isaac's friend - Tank Engine 75, who has ADHD and autism, not understanding that this is the reason for which he is so annoying. He also doxxed many people.

Danish - He has Doxxed several people, He was also doxxed back by Isaac.

Fakrul - He has Doxxed so many people which makes him the King of Doxxing,he has also Bullied Tank Engine 75 Multiple times

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