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Frontierification is a term coined by The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire when referring to the process of TMAFE spreading its culture and influence into another area. It is primarily used after a new territory has been conquered but can also be used in peaceful circumstances.

Use after Wars

Some examples of frontierification being used after wars include:

  • TMAFE Ant Partition of the Scratch Province (Apopasus) - The use of Frontierification in Apopasus converted the previous Scratcher culture to a Frontierian/Mapperdonian culture. Extra frontierification also transformed this area into an active part of TMAFE after more Frontierians and Mappers moved in late 2020.
  • TMAFE Fur Territory - Frontierification was used to stabilize the territory immediately upon being conquered. This made the territory going from one of the

Peaceful Use of Frontierification

Some examples of frontierification being used peacefully include:

  • TMAFE Windows Horde Territory - The Windows Horde was peacefully frontierified over the summer of 2020, and is considered one of the best examples of peaceful frontierification becoming successful. The Windows Horde peacefully adopted Frontierian cultural elements such as being anti-Vyond and being heavily against people considered enemies of TMAFE. They also create a large part of TMAFE's current strength, with many people from the Windows Horde Territory helping TMAFE fight in wars.
  • Livestream Community (Vassal) - The Livestream Community already had ties with TMAC in 2017, and most had supported the formation of TMAFE in 2018. It also had lots of impact on the members of TMAFE, with some members of TMAFE still being former or existing members of the Livestream Community. This made frontierification happen by itself overtime, until TMAFE decided to peacefully annex the Livestream Community as a vassal on May 20th, 2020.


  • Frontierification had been used by TMAFE almost since the formation of TMAFE, with one example of early frontierification being de-associating MS Agent with the previous Vyonder culture and aligning it with a Mapper based culture.
  • Frontierification is used to stabilize new areas of TMAFE and making the region more stable.
    • The reason frontierification is used to make conquered area stable is because conquering by force is only seen as temporary, while conquering by culture is seen as long-term.