Frontier Military Occupation District (FMOD) is a province of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire where enemies are sent, or enemies after a war are sent to see if their peaceful enough to let in the main server. The Microsoft Agent Frontier Constitution and license agreement also applies in this server. This server was also heavily under surveillance, even before the Frontier Security Agency was formed.


  • The icon is a Frontier flag with an Antivirus 2009 Pro logo on it.
  • It had 7 "camera" bots, each logging the users actions to make sure nothing suspicious was going on, but these got removed by Soundcard during a drama. 5 of them got re-added later.
  • All Frontier members and allies are granted the guard role in this server.
  • On May 14th, 2020, the FMOD server was revamped.
    • Coincidently, this was also on the same date as FMOD's first birthday.
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