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The censorate was a branch of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire that was meant for monitoring whether people with the administrator role do not abuse it, whether it being creating pointless channels, pointless roles, or even a mass ban. If found abusing their administrator role, the censorate would take it away from a few hours up to a few weeks or sometimes forever, depending on what the user did. It also censored and blocked anything that breaks the EULA/rules/constitution, and punished the person who did it.


The censorate was made completely useless after TMAFE had introduced its new moderator and admin system, where users would only be given admin if they applied and met certain requirements. All admins/mods were demoted, but they were able to apply again if they want to if they met the new requirements.


  • The censorate was founded on March 18th, 2020 in the FSA Council, and became abandoned later on after the new admin and moderator system was launched.