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The Frontier Security Agency Council Impeachment process is the process of removing a council member after being found guilty of an action that goes against the FSA or TMAFE. The process only takes one or two days to complete and as of March 2021, only two council members have been impeached.

The Process

A person in council may contact anonymously contact Konnor about another member in FSA council doing something that may threaten the TMAFE or Konnor may bring it up himself. If Konnor approves the impeachment process, the vote is started. Konnor's vote is counted as three (Monarch), Ultra-Chad votes are counted as two votes (FSS/FSA), and FSA members get one vote. Names of council members who voted are not published to protect them from any backlash. If Konnor declines the impeachment process, the impeachment process won't go forward. As of 2021, this has yet to happen.


1st Council Impeachment

The first impeachment occurred on February 17th, 2021, after members of council were tired of Greek Revolutionary Mapping downplaying major threats, pushing for pacifist tactics for every solution, and disrupting the council DM often. The vote ended with 9-2-3. There were 9 Yes Votes (3 [Monarch], 2 [FSS/FSA], and 5 [FSA]). There were 2 no votes (2 [FSS/FSA]). There were 3 abstain/not present votes (2 [FSS/FSA], 1 [FSA]).

2nd Council Impeachment

The second impeachment occurred on March 6th, 2021, after members of council and the main server were angered at United World for abusing his power, destroying thousands of messages, deleting the longest lasting general in TMAFE history, attempting to push narratives that suggested Konnor88 and Soundcard are the same person, disrupting the council DM, and threatening the rest of the council. The vote is ongoing with 11-0-2 votes, which has resulted in his impeachment.The voted ended with 11-0-2. There were 11 Yes Votes (3 [Monarch], 4 [FSS/FSA], and 4 [FSA]). There are 0 No votes and 2 Abstain/Not Present votes.


  • These happen very rarely as only two have occurred.
  • This process is only carried out if the person is not an immediate threat to FSA security.
  • The member impeached is not ejected from TMAFE as a whole.