Community War IV was a war that started on August 31st, 2018, shortly after a drama between Seamusmario and Losky; which resulted in Losky banning Frontier members from his server and Seamus too. Shortly after, TMAFE and its allies declared war. However, at the same time, TMAFE discovered that there were other Microsoft Agent communities, with TMAFE forces arriving in VidLii MS Agent Community to take it over. Shortly afterwards, TMAFE attempted to take over VidLii as a whole.

Shortly after the declaration of war, the McArmy rose up to fight TMAFE, and the war esculated from that point foreward. TMAFE started making progress by dislike bombing Losky and his allies, and eventually made peace with the McArmy, and also decided to stop invading VidLii and just claim the VidLii MS Agent Community.

Due to TMAFE discovering the VidLii MS Agent Community, TMAFE wondered if there were anymore MS Agent communities, which there were. TMAFE searched all across the internet, and found tons each with unique properties and history. However, most of them resisted joining TMAFE, which prompted TMAFE to invade and conquer them. The SPR However, not all were giving up easily. The Japanese MS Agent Community, resisted TMAFE and fought back. However, shortly afterwards, they were plundered and destroyed by TMAFE forces; with nothing left remaining of them. The SPR and Bonzi SPR MS Agent communities also declined to join TMAFE, which lasted in a day of war until they were forced to surrender on September 3rd, 2018.

In Late September, people were tired of fighting Losky, and some suggested to end the war diplomatically via a peace treaty. This peace treaty was accepted on September 29th, 2018. The treaty ended Community War IV.


These changes were made permanent by the peace treaty of September 29th, 2018.

TMAFE Changes

TMAFE annexed the following:

  • VidLii MS Agent Community [Came under TMAFE Occupation on September 1st, 2018]
  • Vimeo MS Agent Community [Came under TMAFE Occupation on September 2nd, 2018]
  • Bonzi SPR MS Agent Community [First Invasion on September 2nd, 2018, came under TMAFE Occupation on September 3rd, 2018]
  • SPR MS Agent Community [First Invasion on September 2nd, 2018, came under TMAFE Occupation on September 3rd, 2018]

The following were destroyed by TMAFE:

  • Japanese MS Agent Community [Destroyed on September 13th, 2018]

Lucky Server Changes

  • Unbanning of all MS Agenters and Mappers from the Lucky Server.


  • Community War IV is what lead to The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire becoming a very powerful e-nation, and to become what it is today.
  • Community War IV lead to the demise of all other MS Agent communities.
  • Drama from Community War IV is still going on to this day in isolated places of Lucky Server.
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