Cipher is a member of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire who has been a member since nearly the beginning. He was formerly known as ReblockingChannel in 2016 and was originally an enemy to Norbika9Entertainment and The Microsoft Agent Community. He deleted this account after Norbert sent United World to raid his channel using dislikes. Afterwards, he had to delete all the videos he made and then he rebranded as CipherAgent. When he was in TMAC, he only became an enemy once under the Cipher name, but was mostly considered good. In TMAFE, he had a bit of rocky first year in it but was given tons of chances to return back. Other than occasional dramas, he has been pretty consistent in staying in TMAFE. He has only messed up in TMAFE post-2018 a few times, such as a rebellion on August 17th, 2019. In early December 2020, Cipher was considered brainwashed before being liberated and unbrainwashed on December 30th, 2020. Cipher has since returned to normal in TMAFE. He also was elected to a council seat during a council run-off election in February 2021 and was upgraded to permanent seat after United World was impeached.


  • He has a weird schedule when it comes to MS Agent videos. He occasionally does them and occasionally stops and then occasionally does them again. As of March 2021, he has stopped at the moment.
  • He was hacked by Gena once before, but now he established his 2FA system.
  • He's Portuguese and from Portugal.
  • He has been affiliated with MS Agent since late-2016.
  • He was formerly known as CipherAgent before dropping Agent from his name.
  • He has been an enemy multiple times before but is still in the server.
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